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  Aluminium Castings Auvergne - France

SECAST plant Aluminium Foundry

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SECAST' s Castings applications

SECAST is an Aluminium Sand Casting facility located in Auvergne, one of the most beautiful region of France.

Auvergne is very famous for the beauty of the landscape, for its geological particularity to be a volcanic land , for the pro-activity of its industry, and for its history too.

Even If you don' t come to Auvergne for business, come over here just for tourism, you will enjoy it.

SECAST is a young company, which is now three years old, having taken the relay of SECA a former well known aluminium foundry.

SECAST' s 3 technical managers are all together 100 years experienced in the casting of aluminium alloys. They stand among the very best top professionals in France.

SECAST is specializing in aluminium sand castings : we have no limit as for the weigh of input metal or

  the dimensions of the parts - 5 metric tons, 5 meters, . . .

If you think to an ambitious project, contact us. We will propose the best technical solution.

We mainly deliver heat treated rough castings with final state shot peening or sand blasted.

We are used to manage the finition of the part too: machining, painture or anodization, equipment or assembly.

Two thirds of our Production is exported worlwide by the final Clients, to Brazil, East Europa, the US, China, India, . . .

More than half of our Production are technical parts for industrial equipments or installations :

- Limited Life Part rough castings for the TGV™. the High Speed Train by Alstom;

- sub reflector, structural cases and components for radars

- structures of on board marine radars

- core components for the Automotive Machining Centers,

- structural and rotating parts for industrial pumps and boosters

- structural parts of molding machines for the pneumatic industry.

SECAST's Production

SECAST' s ShopFloor Gallery

Moreover, for the other half of its production, SECAST has a strong reputation :

- urban equipments : lightings, architecture, decoration, signs.

- tooling

- molds for plastics and composites, automotive and aerospace productions

- molds for roto molding

- around the clock delivery spare parts

SECAST is used to all the aluminium alloys devoted to casting : AS7G, AS10, AZ10S8G, AU5GT, AU5NKZR *

  * see next page the equivalences with European Standard

SECAST,conforming to its strategic orientation, is Quality Devoted

Quality of Service to the Client - Quality of the Products - Quality of the relations inside its environment.

This is our leitmotiv. SECAST systematically manages any issue in order to provide and garanty the best Quality.


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  Aluminium Castings Auvergne - France

Volcanos in the

Auvergne's Landscape

Secast Aluminium Foundry Plant

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