2/3 of SECAST' s production is from Copper and Zinc Alloys AU5GT & AZ10S8G the rest is mostly AS7G SECAST issues Analysis bulletin for the Material and Certificate of Conformity to the order

Vercingetorix, Clermont Ferrand and Julius Caesar

Vercingetorix was the chieftain of the Arverni, a Gallic tribe living close by Clermont Ferrand. He united the Gauls in a revolt against the Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars. Vercingetorix first beatted the Romans at Gergovia on the heighs of Clermont Ferrand. Vercingetorix finally surrendered to the Romans in 52 BC. He then was executed in Rome after a parad as part of Caesar's triumph. Vercingetorix has been considered through the centuries as the first leader of the french nation

Alloys casted by SECAST

the statue of Vercingetorix by Bartholdi stands in the centre of Clermont Ferrand

Clermont Ferrand is specializing in - tires, as it is the city of the origin of Michelin - rugby - volcanos and many things else It' s been a very long quest through the XXth century for Clermont to be Champion of rugby, but the city never gave up. When in year 2010 Clermont won for the first time the championship, it was a tremendous pride and happiness for the city and the region. For the supporters, it was just like another victory of their proud anceters the Gallics. This event was even reported in The New York Time the day after

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SECAST - BP35 F-63700 Saint Eloy les Mines France

phone : +33 (0)9 50 17 72 09 fax : +33 (0)9 55 17 72 09 e-mail : fonderie.secast@orange.fr


Saint Joseph pit

Saint Eloy les Mines

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  Aluminium Castings Auvergne - France

Volcanos in the

Auvergne's Landscape

Secast Aluminium Foundry Plant

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